Garage Henry

The price of this garage starts at 28 623€ + VAT

Factory package for garage Henry (price of this garage starts at 28 623€ + VAT) includes:

External wall elements:

  • 21x145mm UYVk horizontal facade boards, 1x primed ja 1x painted
  • 28x45mm distance lath
  • Wind protection
  • 45x95mm wooden frame 

Top triangles: for a garage with a pitched roof

  • 21x145mm UYVk horizontal facade boards, 1x primed and 1x painted
  • 28x45mm distance lath
  • Wind protection
  • 45x95mm wooden frame

Windows and doors

  • Garage door with standard color – black, dark gray, dark brown
  • PVC windows, triple glazing. Frame colour white inside and outside
  • Door – black, dark grey, dark brown, standard door

* Do not include automatic mechanism for garage door

Slab foundation 

Slab foundation price included following:

  • 300 mm Benders L- blocks installation, with plinth already covered with cement board
  • 200mm EPS 100 installation of floor insulation
  • Construction of foundation ducts, sleeve pipes/throats
  • Building film installation between concrete and EPS
  • Construction metal installation
  • Concrete installation  C25/30 15kg he 75/ Lath surface

*Includes transportation
*Contains the necessary additional materials, fasteners, joint foam etc

Slab foundation price do not include:

  • Project of foundation and special parts within the foundation – water, canal, underfloor heating
  • Marking of geodetical points/angles
  • Excavation works, excavation of non-bearing soil
  • Filling soil planning and compaction
  • Installation of sewage pipelines
  • Installation of domestic water piping
  • Digging deeper then 300mm
  • Foundation sole construction deeper then 300mm
  • Carry off of excavated soil from the plot
  • Construction of the driveway and terrace base, unless otherwise agreed with the customer 
  • Drainage construction
  • Installation of EPS perimeter

More information and pictures for our foundation works can find HERE.


The roof structure is solved with roof trusses.

The roof construction consist of calibrated planed wooden (C24) roof trusses with spike plate joints. All necessary loads have been taken into account in the roof trusses calculation. 

Roof layers for a concrete tile roof:

  • Benders Palema concrete tile (black)
  • 45x45mm tile battens 400cc
  • 28x45mm counter battens/ventilation gap
  • Benders breathable roof underlay 160g/m2
  • Roof trusses 

Elements montage and building


  • External wall element montage 
  • Internal wall element montage
  • Roof trusses montage 
  • Laminated posts and beam montage
  • Element transport 
  • Crane for element montage 
  • Fixing accessories for fixing elements
  • Taping the exterior corners of the building
  • Wind barrier and distance installation + taping works on the trusses 
  • Installation of an additional lining board to the trusses 
  • Installation of corner and windbox boards
  • Windows casing construction
  • Masonry lath and its installation 
  • Construction of rainwater systems

Price offer do not include: 

  • Construction of the road
  • Interior work
  • Construction of special parts – electricity, ventilation, heating

Before element montage 

  • The object must have a wall batten installed according to the installation plan sent by the manufacturer (unless otherwise agreed)
  • Access to the object coordinated with the installer
  • The property has electricity
  • Lifting works can be carried out on the object (there are no obstacles for trees or power lines)

NB! The price of the construction of these houses has been calculated within Harju area.

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