Home is much more than just a house – it is an essential part of our well-being, providing a haven where people can flourish emotionally, physically and socially.

Over 20 years of experience in the construction of wooden houses

Thanks to our long experience in building houses, we can offer you the opportunity to flourish in your first house. Our quick and efficient construction process will help you quickly get started with home construction and move into your new home.

Why choose a prefabricated house?


Prefab houses are faster to build than traditional construction methods because the modular elements are manufactured in a factory under controlled conditions. This significantly reduces construction time.

Quality construction

A prefabricated house made in a factory allows for precise and high-quality production, reducing construction errors and giving a high-quality end result. Which means you can spend more time with your family on a daily basis instead of the warranty brigade.

Price and budget

Prefab construction is more cost-effective as it reduces construction time and therefore labor costs, so you get more for less.

Environmental friendliness

Prefab house construction is more environmentally friendly, as it reduces the amount of waste generated on the construction site, and factory production enables better material recycling. Less waste, better price for you and more space for nature.

Energy efficiency

Prefab houses can be well insulated and equipped with energy-efficient systems that help reduce both your family's costs and the electricity supplier's income.


Prefab houses are flexible and can be adapted to the needs of customers. Different modular elements can be connected and adapted according to the desired layout and design.


Prefab houses are durable and built to high standards, ensuring a long life of the building.

Technical Innovation

Manufacturers of prefabricated houses are often technologically innovative, integrating new construction solutions and energy-saving technologies.


Timberelement’s mission is to offer effective house solutions to customers and the best digital platform to cooperation partners.


The vision is to be a pioneer both as a provider of innovative and effective element solutions as well as with in-house management systems.