Over 20 years of experience in the construction of wooden houses


Timberelement offers services from designing your idea to an “keys in hands” solution. It is also possible to order the following services in stages. We will give an overview of all the services offered.



TimberElement OÜ’s design team includes experienced engineers who offer complete design solutions. We prepare product drawings, heating systems, ventilation, cooling, water and sewage projects for modular houses.

In addition, special projects can also be ordered from us:

  • Building permit
  • Geobase
  • Electrical project
  • Sketch drawings

The constructive design of the elements begins with the selection of a suitable house by the customer. First, coordination drawings are drawn up, during which the engineer puts the architect’s or customer’s idea into the modular house system and makes the necessary strength calculations. To get started, the sketch drawings received from the customer (which are in the required scale), are sufficient. The dimensions of the house, heights and all other important nodes that also affect the visual side of the house are established with the coordination drawings.

During the stage of coordination drawings, the client checks the compliance of the data presented in the project documentation with the applicable standards. Involving the customer in the design process is an important measure to avoid mistakes during the subsequent design, production and installation.

The installation drawings contain all the drawings necessary for the installation of the buildings. The installation drawings show the sequence and location of the assembly of the elements and their proper attachment to the foundation.

TimberElement OÜ has developed strong quality requirements for both production and installation, which ensure error-free completion and erection of the prefab house on site.
The design of the heating and ventilation part is necessary to ensure proper indoor climate in the building. Heating and ventilation are always treated hand in hand as they are integral special parts throughout the building. The purpose of heating and ventilation systems is to create a sense of comfort and well-being for the customer in the building. Fresh air and optimal temperature are the most determining factors of the living environment, the inadequacy of which can harm human health and at the same time the building structures.
Heating design begins with finding out the customer’s wishes and evaluating the building’s usage needs. During the design process, the type of heating to be used is determined: either a ground heating system, an air-water heating system, or a heating system based on some other heating source. The need and suitability of underfloor or radiator heating in the building is also determined.

In the course of designing the ventilation, the possibilities of how to ensure the high-quality indoor climate needed in the building are assessed. During the ventilation project, it is determined whether the building will have a ventilation solution with or without heat recovery.

The design of water supply and sewage helps to plan a functioning water and sewage system in the building, which ensures maximum convenient water and sewage supply for the customer. These systems can also be called one of the most important functions served by the building, errors and absences of which are noticed immediately.

For more detailed information, contact our sales team.

You can get a more detailed overview of our sewage, heating, water and ventilation projects from the drawings below.

Turnkey houses

Turnkey houses

Turnkey houses

The “Turnkey” solution is intended for those who want to leave all construction-related concerns to us, without having to worry about every little detail. We build the house in the order that suits the customer.

What a turnkey solution could include:

  • Projecting
  • Building permit
  • Foundation construction
  • Construction of the house box
  • Installation of bulk wool
  • Pipeworks
  • Electrical work
  • Ventilation works
  • Installation of heating equipment
  • Wall and ceiling construction and plaster installation
In the following, we have outlined all the stages that the production and installation of a turnkey house includes.

Sketch drawings + building permit application

*geobase, design conditions and state fees by the client


The elements of the external walls are produced in dry indoor premises from high-quality and certified materials.

The layers of the external wall are as follows:

  • 21x145mm UYVk horizontal facade boards
  • 28x45mm distance lath for ventilation
  • Windbreak membrane
  • Plasterboard for wind protection
  • 45x195mm wooden frame (C24 strength graded timber), 600cc
  • 200mm Mineral wool 036
  • 0,2mm Vapor barrier membrane
  • 45x45mm wooden frame
  • 50mm Knauf 035 mineral wool
  • Plasterboard, standard

In addition, mouse net and lining board 1x primed, 1x painted.

NB! Wool tapes in the connection points of the elements

Interior wall elements are produced in dry indoor spaces from high-quality and certified materials.

The layers of the inner wall are as follows:

  • Plasterboard, standard
  • 45×95 wooden frame, (C24 strength graded timber ) 600cc
  • 100mm mineral wool 036
  • Plasterboard, standard

A more moisture-resistant plasterboard is used in wet rooms.

The installation includes the following works:

  • Wall bar installation
  • Assembly of wall elements
  • Internal plasterboard walls with installation
  • Plasterboard ceiling, vapor barrier film and flashing with installation

Slab foundation 

The slab foundation construction price includes:

  • Sole construction
  • Benders L- blocks installation, with plinth
  • EPS 100 installation of floor insulation
  • EPS 100 installation of perimeter insulation
  • Armature installation
  • Installation of sewage pipelines
  • Installation of heating pipelines

*Includes water, canal and heating project

The slab foundation construction price do not include:

  • Digging deeper then 300mm
  • Foundation sole construction deeper then 300mm
  • Carry off of excavated soil from the plot
  • Drainage construction


The roof structure is solved with roof trusses.

The roof construction consist of calibrated planed wooden (C24) roof trusses with spike plate joints. All necessary loads have been taken into account in the roof trusses calculation. 

Roof layers:

  • Sheet metal roof, stone profile.
  • 22x100mm battens
  • 28x45mm counter battens/ventilation gap
  • Benders breathable roof underlay 160g/m2
  • Roof trusses
  • Blowing wool 500mm
  • 0,2mm vapor barrier membrane
  • 22x100mm battens
  • 13mm plasterboard

Doors and windows

  • PVC windows (Triple glazing) with installation. Outside and inside white colour. 
  • Exterior doors with installation; standard exterior door at a price of up to 400€+VAT: When choosing a more expensive door, we kindly ask to compensate the difference.

Water and sewerage

Water and sewerage inside foundation.  Does not include the construction and connections of external routes.

*includes working drawings


Electricity (includes electrical project and cabling). Schneider Sedna plugs and switches.

*includes an electrical project

Heating and ventilation

  • Air-water heating with installation, capacity according to the project
  • Installation of ventilation with air-heat recovery, the power according to the calculations.

*includes a ventilation project

Interior works

At the customer’s choice and based on a separate agreement.

Exterior works

  • Terrace construction, 28x145mm DECM deep-impregnated wood, brown
  • Construction of weatherboards, corner boards, window panes.
  • Installation of window blinds
  • Rainwater system installation
  • If necessary, installation of a snow barrier

Offer do not include:

  • The seepage field and bio purifier and its installation
  • Garden construction or other landscaping works
  • Paving stone installation
  • Construction of the entrance road
  • Kitchen
  • Construction permit for a bio-purifier
  • Construction of external roads, including connecting water and sewerage, connecting electricity to the shield.
  • Fireplace and chimney construction

Slab foundation

One of the main activities of Timberelement Paigalduse OÜ is the construction of slab foundations. In the construction of our foundations, we use high-quality Benders L-block technology. L-blocks can be obtained in the range of 300-600mm as needed.  On these blocks, the plinth part is already covered with cement board, which can also remain unfinished, while the customer wants to be painted or plastered.

Sewer pipes are transported in compacted soil under a layer of insulation.

We use 400mm Benders blocks as standard. The block is placed on perfectly leveled and compacted soil, and in the standard, insulation comes in three layers (3x100mm EPS 100).

Inside the insulation layer, domestic water pipelines are transported.

In the foundation we use 8mm reinforcingperches and 8mm strict. Piping for underfloor heating is installed on them.

To achieve additional strength, we use fiber concrete, which is sanded smooth after leveling with “helicopters”. 

In order to improve the quality and speed of installation of the elements, we have introduced a masonry system. We attach impregnated wood mrented foundation kluge, on which we will later install the wall elements produced in our factory. Between the foundation and the bar we install a special strip of insulation.

Vertical foundation connections:

Production of elements

Element production

Below is a list of all the services we offer:

  • Manufacture and assembly of wall structures/timber frame-based elements
  • Manufacture and assembly of wooden inserted ceiling elements
  • Manufacture and assembly of wooden trusses for roofs as well as pre-insulated prefabricated elements for roofs

The wooden frame elements we producecan be used to build a wide variety of buildings and structures.

  • Shends
  • Car sheds
  • Gardne houses
  • Cottages
  • One family houses
  • Two family houses
  • Apatment building
  • Row houses

Interior finishing works

At the choice of the client and on the basis of a separate agreement.