1. Sketch project

The sketch project is an idea that is necessary for the basic coordination of the project with the municipality.

A sketch project usually consists of five drawings (ground plan, two end views and two side views) and generally does not contain elevation measurements. According to the request of the customer, the sketch project can also contain a simple 3D drawing.

2. Preliminary design

The preliminary project is the fixing of the architectural part of the house, where the external visual of the building and the solutions of the rooms are established, the dimensions of the building, materials, floor plans, views, section and position plan are determined. A preliminary design is necessary to obtain a building permit.


  • Preliminary design of a detached house — 6-10€ / m2
  • Topo – geodetic base plan with routes — from €250
  • Water and sewage supply connection project — €550
  • Energy label — from €250
  • State fee for building permit — 150€

3. Basic project

The main project is to define the technical solutions of the building with such detail that it is possible to take construction bids and estimate the construction cost. In the main project, the various elements of the building, building units, specifications of doors and windows, etc. are fixed

The main project contains drawings and explanatory letters of all parts of the project.


  • The main project of a detached house (constructive part) — from €3,000
  • Water and sewage project (in the main project stage) — from €600
  • Heating and ventilation design (in the main project stage) — from €600
  • Electrical design (in the main project stage (except weak current)) — from €650

Important to know

  • The customer’s requirements are presented in the source task
  • The source document for the preparation of each subsequent stage of the design works is the previous stage, which has been approved by the customer
  • Production drawings – Drawings that are made for the production of the house and are not issued to the customer.
  • The basic requirements for the construction project are established by the Construction Act of the Republic of Estonia
  • The stages and parts of the construction project are described in detail in the Standard of the Republic of Estonia EVS 811:2012