Construction of prefabricated houses in Estonia

We are engaged in the design, production and construction of buildings based on a wooden frame.

How does ordering a prefabricated house work?

You have the opportunity to choose a ready-made solution from our diverse catalog of factory projects or come with your own house project from elsewhere. We can also create an individual project for you to develop a unique solution, taking into account your specific wishes, needs, and sketches.

Once the project is selected, we can prepare an initial cost estimate for the construction work. Budgeting helps ensure financial transparency, planning, and a clear overview of construction costs.

When the project is finalized, the contract signing can commence, specifying all agreed-upon conditions, including delivery schedules, work stages, etc. After the contract is signed, preparatory work begins according to the agreed-upon conditions.

Once the project is approved and the contract signed, we can start the production process. The first step is to create production drawings, after which we can begin manufacturing the elements. The finished elements are packaged and prepared for transport.

We organize or assist in finding transportation to the client’s construction site. The elements are installed on the foundation according to the planned layout and are fastened together based on previously prepared drawings. Typically, we can weatherproof the house shell within 2-3 working days.

According to the volume of ordered work, we start construction activities. We prefer to perform soil and foundation work in parallel with element production to expedite the construction process. Construction stages include: Soil work, foundation construction, preparation of utilities, transport and installation of elements, construction work, and special installations (heating, ventilation, electricity, water and sewage), finishing and landscaping work.

After the inspection of the work and document verification, a handover-acceptance certificate is signed. Upon handover, the client receives the necessary documents for an occupancy permit application for the work we have done, including operating and maintenance instructions.

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