Martin – T136a

Large and spacious living room-kitchen. The pantry is a very good solution for our open kitchen.

Type of architectural project

Customer feedback

Room solution

Satisfied with everything!
The large pantry was made, which is super good. All kitchen accessories that are not in use can be easily removed from the front, irreplaceable in the case of an open kitchen. We are very satisfied with the spacious corridor. The recesses in the wardrobe are very practical, all the clothes fit nicely.

External solution

Satisfied with everything! The roof over the end terrace is very good and practical. Thanks to the shelter, you can spend more time comfortably on the terrace, and the roof does not allow the living room to heat up through the spacious end wall. A shelter for the car is very good for storing the car in the winter. You don’t have to rescue a car from a snow trap, and you can push the snow without re-parking.

“Communication with all people involved in construction was very good. In case of problems, the culprit was not sought, but a solution, which was always found. The project/site manager was available 24/7.”

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