Andres – T206a

Good appearance, enough square meters, garage of a good size, room layout was promising (could be changed to suit us)

Type of architectural project

Customer feedback

Room solution

In general, it was good. We wanted to be frugal with the square meters, but at the same time get a kitchen/living room + 4 bedroom solution (+garage). If I were to do it again, I would perhaps try to find solutions so that the supporting wall between the living room and the dining room is non-existent (posts) or as small as possible. This would make the living floor more spacious.

External solution

We liked the look and are very satisfied. The windows would perhaps be different in two aspects: firstly, I would not accept the horizontal division of the window square imposed on me by the architect (it is pop from the outside, but it disturbs the view from the inside) and secondly, I would choose window frames that are slightly more expensive and stronger in terms of material (the current plastic sometimes bends under heavy glass). Satisfied with the shelter as well, became an “ensemble” with the house and also satisfied with the large balcony above the garage.

“All in all, actually still very satisfied. Thanks to Timberelement’s good project manager, the house was finished in a high-quality, well-thought-out and durable way. “

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