Jana – T108


Type of architectural project

Changes: House instagram – https://www.instagram.com/saurustekodu/

The number of rooms was important to us – definitely 4 bedrooms. Most houses in a similar price range on the market at that point were more like 3 bedrooms.
In addition, a definite selling point was the high plan of the living room, as well as the windows and the abundance of light. Another very important point was geothermal heating.
We also wanted a large plot and for the house to be located in a logistically convenient location.

Customer feedback

Room solution

We are very pleased to have 4 bedrooms There are enough wardrobe recesses and they are very practical.
We really miss a storage room to store bicycles, etc. The bath and the pantry could also fit

External solution

Today, I am very satisfied with the exterior of the house – but unfortunately not when I bought it, because we bought a ready-made solution, so I couldn’t have a say. Yellow was used for the house and it was very inappropriate.
I recommend using more neutral shades, for example, for the same project a few houses away.
In addition, the disappointing fact is that there is no facade lighting at the ends of the house, and the cabling is also unfinished.

“There is a big crack in the wall of the living room, which was fixed during the warranty repair, but it was even worse again very soon. The floor tile in the bathroom cannot be maintained. I also praise: the house is very warm and with low costs, only good words in this regard. It is constantly 25 degrees in the room and the electricity bills are modest. I also like the choice of floor materials. The living room windows and appearance are 10/10. Cooperation and finding solutions to certain problems has been smooth and all questions have been answered.”

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