Requesting a Quotation – How to Save Time?


If you decide to approach us for a quote for construction works and services, our procedure is as follows:

  1. Send Us Your House Drawings (Project): You can send these in a format convenient for you: DWG, PDF, JPG, or other formats. The house project should include:
    • Plans for all floors.
    • Views from all four sides.
    • Cross-sections.
  2. Detail Your Requirements: Write to us detailing your requirements as much as possible – what you want, in what completeness, within what deadlines, and where to the site you wish to order from us. The more complete the initial data you provide us, the more detailed and accurate the quotation we can make.
  3. Initial Review and Quotation: We will review your project within 2-3 days and then make an initial price offer.
  4. Further Negotiations: If our proposed prices and deadlines are suitable for you, we will start more detailed negotiations to determine the most suitable materials, technologies, nodes, and all contractual solutions (including the initial timeline). In addition, we will sign a contract to protect the interests of both parties. This contract will also include specifications, reflecting the necessary technical details such as:
    • Exact type, quantity, and color code of the paint (facade paint, roof paint, etc.).
    • Specifications of windows and doors (including clearly marked opening direction, thermal insulation coefficient, etc.), as well as dimensions and materials for window sills, jambs, etc.