How Long Are the Production Deadlines for Our Prefabricated Houses?


Our production timeline is determined by the following manufacturing phases:

  1. Engineering Calculations and Design

Depending on the complexity and workload of the planned construction, the calculation and design phase can last from a few days up to a month (for 1-2 story buildings up to 250 m2). The costs for calculation and project preparation are usually included in the price of our final product, so there is no need to pay separately for these services. If the client requires additional strength calculations for our structures, these are provided as an extra service by engineers from our partner companies.

  1. Ordering and Delivering Materials to Our Factory

Items such as timber, mineral wool, and gypsum boards are regular expenses, and we always have a necessary stock of these materials, allowing us to start framing construction immediately if needed. Ordering other materials and goods can take 4-5 weeks:

  • Glue-laminated beams (depending on size and quantity): 4-5 weeks
  • Wood and aluminum wood windows and doors: 2-5 weeks
  • Plastic windows and balcony/terrace doors: 2-4 weeks
  • Roof metal sheeting: up to 2 weeks

Delivery times for different products vary depending on the manufacturer’s delivery policy.

  1. Production of Elements

The production of elements begins as soon as the necessary engineering drawings for the elements are complete, provided that the required materials are available in sufficient quantities. The production time for building elements depends on factors such as the need for exterior cladding installation (including priming and painting), the necessity of installing plastic pipes and electrical system sockets (depending on the electrical project), the need for installing interior wall coverings, etc.

Typically, it takes no more than 2 weeks to produce a complete set for a house of about 150m2, to which is added the installation of windows after their arrival (2-3 days). Exterior doors are always installed on-site.