Choosing Painted Wood Material – Selecting Cladding Boards


Cladding Boards

When ordering cladding boards, it’s important to consider the quality you desire. For example, when installing cladding boards horizontally, half-lap material can be used, but for vertical installation, full-lap cladding boards are preferable. The more precisely you describe your needs, the better the final result we can guarantee for you.

What type of cladding boards do we offer? Primarily, our selection includes spruce, but there is always the option to order other types of wood.

We offer the following wood materials:

Primed/Painted Cladding Board Primed/Painted Fascia Board

Paint Systems

Paint systems are generally similar. The first layer is a tinted primer or impregnation primer, followed by 1-2 layers of opaque paint. The primer is applied before the opaque paint.

For fire-retardant paint, it’s crucial to apply the correct amount of fire-retardant paint. Depending on the manufacturer – Teknos, Holz-Prof, or Tikkurila – it may be necessary to apply one or three coats to ensure the quantity of material meets the required standards.

Choosing Paint and Color

We use water-based paints for painting – Tikkurilla Valtti, Remmers Aqua HS/L.

After selecting the paint color, either electronically or from a physical color card, it is advisable to order a jar of sample paint to see if your chosen color is correct and meets your expectations.

Choosing the Number of Layers

For opaque paint and exterior products, whether you choose a single or double surface treatment is not crucial, as the final finishing of the cladding board will always include an additional layer applied on-site. However, material painted twice in the factory will undoubtedly remain fresh-looking longer than if three coats are applied on-site, and the maintenance interval will be extended.