Eliina – Individual project

In the case of my house, it is a house designed by myself. Important aspects of heating the walls of the foundation house as well as the under-roof were heat retention. All their wishes were happily met. I received advice on the optimal desired ceiling height and other recommendations on how to make the cost of the project more affordable.

Type of architectural project

Customer feedback

Room solution

The layout of the rooms is good. The kitchen-living room, where the family mostly spends time together, became spacious and bright. The windows face east-south-west. The project accommodated both a walk-in wardrobe and a second toilet room, in which case it initially seemed that one had to make a choice in favor of one. Only the connection between the garage and the living quarters has remained crumbling until now.

External solution

Regarding the board, there was initially a desire to use a vertical board, but as an idea to optimize costs, the sales manager suggested using a horizontal and vertical board together. I think that the combination of both the color range and the vertical and horizontal planks brings out the charms of this house, the same tone of the window panels as the wall adds a new nuance to the Scandinavian and rustic style.

“Very good cooperation.”

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